Yuka's Dog Services

Daycare - Luxury boarding - Training

Look no further! Yuka's offers you the solution

You know the situation, you’re really ready for holiday and the ads for the best destinations suddenly seem to pop up everywhere. You have plenty of days off and haven’t spent your vacation money yet, but what do you do with your dog? A stranger in the house doesn’t feel right, but a shelter is also sad… Then Yuka’s is the perfect solution for you!

With us, your dog will have the best vacation of his life. We offer plenty of playtime, good food, a pool to cool off in and much more that will make your dog happy.


Our daycare is an affordable home-based dog daycare. Here your dog can play with peers. We live near the dog daycare ourselves, so there is always supervision by us of your dog when they are playing in the group. We want to provide the dogs in our daycare with the living space we would like to see for every dog.


Where all dogs and owners can join for fun classes! Puppyclasses, BasicCourses, Advanced Courses, Agility, Outdoor training and soon also Scent-Training!

Luxury Boarding

Where dogs can stay and celebrate their own vacation while your are away. Not locked up in kennels, but socoalizing together in fun groups on the playfields and all dogs may join the walks/swims outside!


Do you want to go on vacation to Curaçao? But don't want to leave your dog behind? Then rent our beautiful 4 person apartment where both you and your four-legged friend will have a unforgetable vacation.

As some of you know already, I started my Canine & Feline Osteopathy study at Supple Spine Institute in Holland in 2022. Also this year I will be travelling back and forth to attend classes, do internships, take exams and much more to bring as much information and skills back to Curacao. Hoping we can accomodate the Veterinary care on Curacao with additional options to heal, support & prevent health problems (and therefor often also behavior problems) in our pets lives.

We know our excisting services (boarding, daycare, training) will be interrupted multiple times this year. Making it worth the wait by trying to get as much out of it as we can we hope to be of service again soon!