To help you start your dog’s vacation ‘smooth like a summer sunset’, please check the following:


Check In/ Taxi Service:

We will be picking up your dog(s) with our Taxi-Service to be brought to & checked-in at Yuka’s Dog Vacationpark on the specified time (see mail confirmation).

Please make sure we can access your dog when you’re not at home upon our arrival.

Please have your dog’s “suitcase” ready so we can take everything we need in one go.



Fleas, ticks, worms:

Your dog has had a Nexgard-tablet (or similar) in the last 21 days before check in.

If not, please bring one, suitable for your dog’s weight, upon arrival.

We will administer when needed.


Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated with the regular cocktail, minimum 14 days prior to check in. The cocktail covers, Parvo (3), Dog Disease (4), Liver disease HCC (5), Leptospirosen (6) and Para-Influenza (7).

Extra vaccination Kennel Cough:

We advise to get your dog vaccinated with KennelCough (Bordetella (8)), as well or talk to your Vet about it. Please note, if you do decide to vaccinate your dog against Bordetella, this must be given at least 14 days prior to check in. Dogs who are vaccinated within 14 days of check in, can, unfortunately not enter the park as they might be contagious at this point.

Please note: When guests arrive in the Vacationpark with fleas, ticks, worms or contagious diseases, the costs of treating your dog(s), treating all other guests and the Vacationpark will be added to your bill. We have the right to refuse (further) care and send the dog home. When checking your dog in, you agree with these terms.


Your dog is wearing:

Well fitted, comfortable collar, that cannot slip over a head, with a name tag.



Your dog’s vaccination booklet with valid vaccinations or valid titer test.

Cocktail is mandatory,  Kennel cough is advised. Please consult with your Vet.

(Only) If it is of value to your dog, bring a pillow or towel with familiar smell.



Bring enough of the medication to provide for the whole stay.

Add a written note with instructions (Time of day, amount, special instructions, etc).

We can/ will get a re-fill at your Vet, if supplies are not sufficient.

This at additional costs + cost of the medication.


Diet Food:

Acana Meadowland (chicken)/ Acana Atlantica (fish) is included, if your dog needs a special diet or you prefer a different kibble then Acana:

Bring enough kibble/ canned food for the whole stay.

We can/ will get a re-fill at your Vet/ Petstore, if supplies are not sufficient.

This at additional costs + cost of the food.



Did we receive your full payment, prior to check-in?

We also accept cash payments, thank you for bringing your cash payment when a transfer has not been made/ received prior to your check-in date.


We will provide:



5***** treatment including a Piña Doglada for our guest(s), loads of fun, friends, adventures and … an unforgettable stay at Yuka’s Dog Vacationpark!


If you have any questions, or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to check-in.

See You Soon!